International Bank to Bank transfers

Sending any amount of money to relatives or paying your bills abroad has never been easier with Filco. With our reputable financial correspondents worldwide.


Western Union

When you need to send money within seconds, turn to the convenience of the Western Union Money Transfer service.


Foreign Currency Demand Drafts

Filco’s foreign bank accounts offer you an economical and reliable way to send money worldwide. When you purchase a foreign currency draft, we issue for you a check in foreign currency, drawn on one of our accounts in the country to which you’re sending funds. You can then send the check through the mail or by courier.


Cheque Collection

Here at Filco we collect all types of foreign currency cheques with best timing and rates.


Banknotes Currency Exchange

Looking for fantastic rates on Foreign Currency? Get more when you visit Filco. We buy and sell currency to a wide range of customers with different needs. Whether you need to exchange travel money for your holidays abroad, or are part of a commercial business, small or large; Filco can deliver the right foreign exchange solutions for you.